Thursday, November 7, 2013


This Thursday is the gallery show for us character animators at CalArts! For this event, Kirsten and I are sharing a space on the wall, so we came up with a theme for our art. we were a bit ambitious (like usual) & decided to create a series of illustrations based on the board game Candyland. We re-designed a few characters and places from the game, and topped it off with candy-inspired caricatures of each other.
This was a crazy amount of work (all done in two days!), but it was super fun! Especially after being paralyzed by the plague that hit CalArts last week. Rejoicing with candy is always good though.

The image above is my re-design of Queen Frostine. I had the most fun compositionally with this one.

Here's Princess Lolly! The newer versions of her in the board game made her disgustingly Barbie-like and overly glitzy, which doesn't fit her character at all. I tried to recreate her as a goofy, curious girl who just happens to be a princess.

Here's the setting that Princess Lolly resides in-- Lollypop Woods. I kinda went crazy with saturated colors.

Quick sketches I did while trying to figure out what Gloppy should look like. I didn't get a chance to do as many presentable sketches for the other characters since our time was so limited. But here's a few I did have for the lovable, chocolatey, amorphous glob.

And here's the final design for Gloppy!

Mama Gingertree. It's surprisingly difficult designing a motherly-looking tree made of gingerbread.

I experimented a bit style-wise with this sketch of Ice Cream Sea.

And finally, here's the caricature I did of Kirsten! We created candy-inspired caricatures of each other to hang up next to our names.


  1. I would pay a million dollars for this version of the game! Can't wait for you to read my book as Queen Glacidia has some things in common with Queen Frostine! (ps - how cool would it be to sail on the Ice Cream Sea?! )


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