Monday, May 28, 2012

True Story

I attempted a storyboard illustrating the daily squirrel ritual in my backyard. This story is entirely true.

The daily squirrel backyard ritual begins with one squirrel basking in the sun while enjoying some delicious sunflower seed.
Soon the squirrel multiplies as he invites his squirrely friends to party it up under the bird feeder.
But then one squirrel is always hit with a genius squirrel idea.
The squirrel takes its squirrely launching stance. It is prepared.
Go squirrel go!
Almost there, squirrel
When the squirrel finds success, he is filled with complete joy. He has reached the ultimate squirrel treasure.
The squirrel collects his treasure..
...But he seeks the ultimate gold
The squirrel uses his manly muscles to climb to the top
Once atop the bird feeder, the squirrel enjoys beautiful glory
His squirrel buddies all watch with complete envy. They too desire the glorious supply of sunflower seeds.
So they devise their plans
One by one they reach the bird feeder.. their unique ways
But it gets vicious! Cannon-squirrel-balls are launched at the bird feeder! Squirrels flying everywhere!!!!!
Squirrels start flying on birds!!!
But then the one that started it all shouts, "Hold on now, squirrel friends!"
"This has gone toooooo far"
"Look at us!"
"It's as if we're raccoons!"
"We should be united by the glorious sunflower seed, not destroyed by it!"
"In the spirit of the sunflower seed, let us be united once again!"  
"Sunflower seeds for all!!"
And so the squirrels partied happily ever after.

I learned a lot from doing this! Most importantly, I learned that I know nothing about storyboarding and everything about squirrels.


  1. Hey Val! Thanks for following my blog. Your work is truly awesome, no doubt you're gonna achieve a career in animation!

    1. No problem! Your character designs are fantastic-- thanks for following my blog! And thank you, that's super encouraging. Still have a bit more work to do though :)


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